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What People Are Saying About Gary

Here’s  a sampling of what clients and colleagues had to say about working with Gary.

Rick Faulk is the President & CEO of Mzinga.

“Gary is a top-notch performer and someone I would recommend highly. His multi-faceted skill set contributed to Mzinga in many ways, particularly in defining our strategy and our product vision, which has helped us compete successfully in a very dynamic, competitive market. He clearly defined the key areas of product investment, ensuring they mapped to the priorities of the business. Gary also effectively executed against those priorities, helping deliver our Social Media Suite 8.2 release and subsequent releases, including the go-to-market plan– from sales education to external evangelism of the vision and solution. Gary’s professionalism defines who he is and how he conducts himself day to day– with a strong passion for his work, collaborative approach with peers, customers and partners, and a strong will and dedication to success. Gary would be a solid addition to any organization. I would be pleased to serve as a personal reference for Gary.”

Anna Price worked directly with Gary in establishing the Mzinga Social Media Customer Network.

“Gary is a unique individual who has a very strong, and versatile set of skills in the functional area of marketing– from product marketing to marketing communications to product management. You don’t find this in too many individuals. He understands how to blend technical and business issues to develop a strategic product vision and roadmap, then execute and implement that vision in a cross-functional, collaborative manner based around the tactical realities and constraints of the organization. Gary is also extremely strong at putting together effective, integrated, multi-faceted marketing programs and campaigns that help generate leads, close sales, increase customer satisfaction and drive innovation, whether it be using traditional marketing means or new social media technology. Most importantly, Gary is very diligent in making sure these programs have measurable, quantifiable results. I worked with Gary in pioneering a Customer Network, which was an online community of customers dedicated to driving conversation between customers, and employees of the company. The results were stronger relationships with and among customers, and greater product innovation. I would highly recommend Gary for any organization looking for someone who understands the strategic and tactical, and has creative, proven, and versatile marketing expertise that achieves results.”

Geophrey Graves worked directly with Gary at Mzinga and Saba Software in helping customers create collaboration solutions.

“Gary is the “go-to” guy for anything I need whether its product or market intelligence. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Gary at two companies and each time I rely heavily on his ability to deliver up-to-date information on what’s happening with the solutions we provide and just how well we stack up against the competition. Additionally, I recruit Gary to accompany me on customer engagements as he has a great way with conversing with even the most world-wery of clients and prospects. Gary’s a rare breed of product strategist in that he’s so well-rounded mixing the right amounts of product, market, and competitive intelligence. Not to mention he has the ability to be called upone at a moments notice to gather client feedback as well as support revenue generating efforts.”

Kay Aubrey designed products with Gary at Citrix.

“Gary has a unique combination of creativity, technical, and people skills. He understands market trends and how to apply new ideas to a product’s design in original but very practical ways. Gary also has an amazing talent for working with a team so that in short order novel ideas appear in the product. Gary is a great guy! He wants everyone around him to be successful, which is part of his charm!”

Gail Mann worked directly with Gary at Saba Software.

“Gary and I worked together at Saba in building Centra’s leadership in Web 2.0 real-time learning and collaboration. Gary’s depth of technical knowledge and commitment to customers was the reason we had so many loyal and passionate customers. He knows how to effectively engage customers, understand their requirements and translate customer needs into competitve products and services. Gary’s dedication to deliver and get things done makes him an exceptional team member and person to work with.”

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