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How to Be a Video Blogging Powerhouse: Webinar Recap

May 22, 2010

This past Thursday, May 20, 2010, Steve Garfield and I conducted a webinar on “How to Be a Video Blogging Powerhouse”, which was targeted at providing the basics along with some advanced techniques on what you need to be thinking about to use video blogging for business.   It was a great discussion, with Steve providing his usual practical wisdom, including how to think like an editor, what equipment and software to use, and providing some entertaining examples of successful video bloggers.   One of the things we discussed was why you’d want to use an online video platform, including how and why you’d want to do so over free video sharing sites (like YouTube, etc.).  Watch the replay of the webinar, including the video and slides.

How to Be a Video Blogging Powerhouse

It was the first live streamed webinar we’ve done at Brightcove, and we hope to do more in the second half of 2010.  We streamed the webinar live using Brightcove’s live streaming capabilities.  Brightcove’s partner, KnowledgeVision, has built a very useful application that allows for live streamed video to be synched simultaneously with the slides to the presentation along with a Twitter stream.  This is extremely useful as marketers since it removes one of the major stumbling blocks of live streaming webinar events: how to make sure your online audience can see the slides.  The synching is also preserved in the on-demand recording of the event, as you can see when you watch the playback.

The other thing we did was use Twitter in conjunction with the event, under the hashtag #brightcovegetseen .  This not only allowed for the great interactivity that Twitter is fantastic for, but did a few other things:  1) it gave us the opportunity to brand the event publically and draw people into the conversation while the event was going on, 2) it allowed us to preserve the Twitter stream for post-event purposes and continued conversation, and 3) gave us a way for us to field questions during the live event.  Twitter does have it’s limitations as a question & answer tool compared to chat rooms or traditional web conferencing Q&A panels, but overall, provides a more interactive experience.

Setting up for the event was easy.  You could get it all set up in little time with no technical experience, then be able to re-use the setup for future events.  Here’s all we did:   First, we configured the live stream in Brightcove Studio, assuring that we had the video asset ready to stream to our destination web page.

The live video asset in Brightcove Studio

We then configured that video asset directly to the presentation in KnowledgeVision Studio.   Since KnowledgeVision is integrated with Brightcove, this was as easy as selecting the live video asset from a dropdown menu.

Selecting the Brightcove live video asset in KnowledgeVision

We then went through and set up the footnotes to the slides with text and links we wanted the audience to see in the live session.

Finally, we set up for the event, including two computers (one for the live encoding, another for us to present from– the computer you see in front of us in the broadcast), the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 cameraAudiotechnica AT 2020 USB microphone (which worked great capturing both of us speaking), and lots of lighting (some available in the Brightcove studio office and some brought by Steve).  As you can see, the video quality for the event was fantastic.  (Read Steve’s blog post on more behind the scenes information).

The post-production process was also very straightfoward:  we published the recorded, on-demand version into Brightcove, and configured that video player with KnowledgeVision for playback.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about video blogging, online video or about how we set up for the event.

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  1. July 5, 2010 10:59 pm

    Great stuff, Gary. Hope I can help out a future webinar. These are great skills I know our RISE viewers would want to learn about as well.

  2. July 6, 2010 4:55 am

    Great webinar, thanks for sharing.
    Cool picture, you rock with your XShot Steve 🙂

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