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2,000 Tweets

May 22, 2010

I just passed the 2,000 Twitter mark yesterday, which got me thinking: what have I been talking about in these 2,000 tweets thus far?  So, I pulled together a word cloud based off of my Twitter stream.

A word cloud of my first 2,000 tweets

I pulled together this word cloud using a combination of Tweetstats and Wordle.  Tweetstats graphs your Twitter timeline and density (and gives some other interesting stats), and Wordle brings it together to create the graphical word cloud.   When you’re in Tweetstats, use the option directly in Tweetstats to take your Twitter stream to create the word cloud in Wordle (it says “don’t like the Tweetcloud?  Well then, go make a Wordle!”), as opposed to copying and pasting your Twitter stream over to Wordle.  This will make sure the font size of the words in your stream correlate to frequency of mention.   (The original word cloud I created and tweeted on my 2,000th tweet actually did not have this correlation since I copied and pasted over to Wordle).

Overall the word clouds gives a snapshot of what I’ve been talking about the past 2+ years I’ve been using Twitter and one data point of what’s been on my mind.  Unfortunately, not being able to remove certain hashtags skews the representation:  I have to discount my most frequently mentioned word (#fb), since it’s the selective twitter hashtag to post to Facebook– I guess it shows that I do that a lot from Tweetie on my iPhone.   Otherwise, the other most frequently mentioned words make sense: “great”, “good” (both from recommendations of things), “social”, “video” “media”, “twitter”, and “boston” (all topics I am passionate about).   It was interesting to see that I tweet less frequently about things like “biking”, “running”, “climbing”, “triathlon”, given my passion for those topics as well.   This is due to the fact that I have a mixed audience of followers on Twitter, many of whom are not athletes.  I’ve tried to focus those tweets in my Twitter account for Ascend Sports Conditioning (although I’ve admittedly not been as consistent in that account).

It will be interesting to take a look back at the 3,000 or 4,000 tweet mark to do a similar snapshot view: will what’s on my mind have changed?

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