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The Secrets of the Mollusk Cranium Revealed

February 12, 2010

Steve Garfield spent some time with the Brightcove team this week chatting video.    A strange discussion about mollusks evolved with Steve Rotter, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Brightcove and resulted in this ever-so-unexpected promotional video (who knew mollusks could be so much fun):

It’s always good to catch up with Steve.  His creativity and passion for video is inspiring.

Just a couple other events to note that we’re doing with Steve: Brightcove is sponsoring the Spring Fever #soxup at Fenway Park, which is a booksigning event for Steve’s recently released book “Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business” If you’re one of the first 70 folks to come through the door, you’ll receive a free copy of Steve’s book compliments of Brightcove.   We’ll also be raffling off an additional 5 copies at the event.  Be sure to sign up.

Also, Brightcove is sponsoring a webinar on April 22, 2010 with Steve on “How to Be a Video Blogging Powerhouse”.  Be sure to attend.

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