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Webinar Recap: How to Integrate Video into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

February 10, 2010

We had a great kick-off to Brightcove’s 2010 Best Practices in Video webinar series for Marketers yesterday with our first session “How to Integrate Video into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy”.   I presented along with Doug Garnett from Atomic Direct.  While Doug focused on the state of social media marketing and the importance of creating compelling video content, I focused on more “how to” take-aways, specifically how to integrate video into selected social media marketing channels that many marketers are using today– blogs, video sharing sites, Twitter and Facebook.   In future sessions, we’ll cover how to integrate video with other channels, such as social discovery sites like Digg and Stumbleupon, as well as Flickr and iTunes.  We’ll do so on our next webinar session on March 4, 2010– be sure to join us.

I’ve published the slides from the session up on SlideShare and you can see them below as well.

With over 870 people registered from all types of organizations, it turned out to be a great session.   It was a bit difficult to get to all the questions, but I wanted to provide answers to a few  that came up, which I’ve done below.  They seem to have been a mashup of different questions (which is great!)– I’ve included the ones that seemed to be a bit more on topic:

What would you recommend as far as video equipment, for the small business owner, i.e., small budget?

This largely dependent upon the the type of video you’d like to create.   I’d be happy to chat about it for anyone who’d like to reach out to me.

Is MySpace still considered a viable social media tool for companies? I don’t see MySpace mentioned very much.

MySpace continues to be relevant, but is not growing as fast as other social networks, which is why you don’t see them mentioned very much anymore.   Jeremiah Owyang does a good job breaking down the stats on MySpace (and other social networks) in his post “A Collection of Social Networking Stats in 2009”.  As a marketer, you need to focus your efforts, so if your target audience is there (younger, more music/media-centric enthusiasts), then it’s someplace you’d want to consider having a presence.

Besides number of views, etc., what kind of measurable results can be seen by using video?

There are a number of measurements  you’d want to consider when using video.   What you measure will depend upon what your goals are.   The main things to consider around the video content itself is who is watching, where they are coming from and how engaged they are.  There are different metrics behind each.  Number of views for instance is one measurement engagement.

Is there really such a sharp dividing line between the Online Video Platform (OVP) and video sharing space?

Absolutely.  I went through a number of ways OVPs are different from video sharing services (captured in the slides).  Forrester has defined the OVP space as a new and distinct category in a recently published The Forrester Wave: US Online Video Platforms, 2009.

After you post a video, what is the best way to attact people to it if it is not getting much attention?

You should promote it, as well as look at the actual content and figure out what isn’t working if it’s not getting much attention.   We covered a variety of ways you could promote your video through social media.  Specifically, we covered tips on how to make it easy to share from your site, embedding it in your blogs, and making it part of your social efforts on Facebook and Twitter.  We also discussed use  of social discovery sites (like Stumbleupon and others), as well as publishing it to other platforms such as video sharing sites, Flickr and iTunes.  We didn’t have time to get into the details of how to do so on each, but will in the future.  Bottom line is to find what social channels and networks your target audience spends time and promote it there.

Where do I get the information to add the video players to Facebook?

We talked about a couple of different ways to do so within Facebook.  One was by adding a third party “box” or applicaiton to your Fanpage or Group page.  You would need to check within Facebook to see if the provider your working with has an application.

For Brightcove customers, it can be done in a few easy steps, as outlined by my colleagues Grant Goodman (“Brightcove Video in Facebook”) Chris Little.

Again, there were a number of questions we couldn’t get to.  I’ll be following up with folks on those.  If there’s anything else, please reach out or feel free to comment on this post.

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  1. Brynna Donn permalink
    February 10, 2010 7:47 pm

    Gary – I’m sorry I missed the original webinar, but I enjoyed the slides. Looks like great stuff as always. I’ll look for more from you. Cheers – Brynna

    • February 16, 2010 5:15 pm

      Thanks, Brynna. We’ve got others planned & it’d be great to have you attend.

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